Friday, October 13, 2006

9/11 Driven By Revenge

There has been a lot of speculation that 9/11 was an "inside job," and that our own government has been behind the attacks. Even though it has taken more than six years for the evidence to become more available, it is true that The United States has indeed been attacked from within. The mastermind behind the whole plan is somebody who is among the highest in our federal government.

The strategy of 9/11 was conceived in part by a well-educated individual, a man from a family of privilege, wealth and influence, and whose father was a leading elected official for a number of years. Over time, this man has made his own connections throughout government, intelligence departments, and the military.

According to some, the brilliant architect of those attacks did so to obtain support for war, to acquire oil, to line his friends’ pockets, guarantee more power for himself, and to turn the United States into a police state.

The descriptions of the motivations are correct, but George W Bush is not responsible for 9/11. There is another man who has everything to gain from higher oil prices, and a failing American economy. There is another man who has the power, influence, and connections to pull off 9/11, and who can benefit by the chaos and doubt of the American public. He is motivated not only by greed and a long-term plan to renew his power, but by revenge.


In certain political circles, Al Gore’s hatred for both Bill and Hillary are well known, and he still harbors them as responsible for his Presidential loss in 2000. There is a long history of evidence of Gore’s disappointment with Bill Clinton and his loose morals reguarding women, money, and corruption. It has been overheard in the 1996 reelection campaign that Gore threatened to expose Clinton, and "bring him down." Al Gore Jr. has no animosity towards Bush, nor does blame him for his defeat in 2000 – in fact, Gore has used Bush as a pawn to advance his own political, personal, financial and environmental ambitions.

Since the 2000 election Gore has been using 9/11 as a tool to sully the Clinton name, in an attempt to destroy the "Clinton Legacy," by exposing the former President’s inability to effectively combat terrorism – his efforts were token and symbolic at best. Gore never wanted Bush to get the blame for 9/11, but he thought that the overwhelming evidence would point to Clinton. In fact within a month of 9/11, Al Gore put his support behind President Bush, in a speech calling him "My Commander In Chief." However, the media, who has had a love affair with both Bill and Hillary, have been blinded by their bias and adulation, and have been effective at showing Bush as inadequate, and in some instances, suggesting that he is involved with Al Quada.

The China Connection

The best way for China to guarantee a constant and free flow of oil to their country is to eliminate, at least economically, their main competition. With a growing economy of it’s own, China has become thirsty for the same oil that drives the American economy.

The Chinese are another people that are calculating and patient. For decades, they have been attempting to destroy America from within, by the manufacture and introduction of heroine, made from poppies grown in Afghanistan. This Afghanistan and Chinese drug connection laid the foundation of the current connection of these two nations in terrorism as well. China has financed and trained the terrorists that flew those airplanes on 9/11, and possibly other terrorist cells that we don’t yet know about. In the rubble of the WTC Buildings One and Two were found beacons that guided the airplanes. These beacons were made in China, and it has been suggested that they were provided by the their military.

Al Gore has been involved directly with China since the early 90’s, when he arranged the sale of certain technologies to them in exchange for campaign contributions. Since 9/11 was ineffective at destroying our country or the Clinton Legacy and guaranteeing Gore’s election to the Presidency, North Korea, a puppet of China, has now entered the picture. Gore is convinced that our nation will experience War/Rumors/Bush/Republican fatigue, and will pull the lever for him, if he can convince them that he will be stronger and more effective than Bush and the future Republican candidate at handling Korea.

Because of our nation’s past experiences with the middle east, and our natural distrust of Iraq since 1991, it has been relatively easy to keep the focus on them, and not China or Korea. Once he is in office, Al Gore can then continue his partnership with China. By reducing Arabian oil into the Untied States and diverting it to the Chinese, he will be able to satisfy his obligation to them as his partners in 9/11, and also fulfill his vision of an America without fossil fuels.

The Coverup

It has been well documented that the owner of WTC Building number 7, Larry Silverstein, insured his assets against terrorism. In that building were also files related the Gore/China/Afghanistan Connection. Anybody that has done any research on WTC 7, and the mysterious circumstances that the building was "pulled" is familiar with Silverstein’s connection to Gore. It has also been speculated that it is perhaps Silverstein that had warned his fellow Jews not to be in the area on 9/11.

In the recent television movie "The Path to 9/11," there are many references to Bill Clinton’s unsuccessful and impotent attempts to take out Al Quada and other terrorist cells and sympathizers. Yet these allusions are counterbalanced carefully with the portrayal of Wesley Clark, which both in this movie and in his book "Against All Enemies" puts the blame back on the current Bush administration, in an attempt to clear Clinton’s name. In greater detail, Clark also gives his opinion that Ronald Reagan, George H W Bush, and George W Bush had more to do with encouraging terrorism than anybody. However, he blames the press for pressuring Bill Clinton to the point of inefficiency on the matter of terrorisms. Clark gives Clinton a big-time "pass", even after our shameful retreat in Somalia, the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, Embassy and Military Installation bombings in the middle East and Africa.

Since Bill Clinton was not well versed in foreign policy, he relied heavily on Al Gore’s opinions, influence, and connections. By suggesting certain actions (or inactions), Gore was really acting in his own best interest at the expense of the administration and the American public, by sacrificing our security to advance his own agenda. By steering the President in certain ways, he was able to clear the true path to 9/11.

In the meantime, still working in concert with the Chinese, Gore also continued his support for China’s "Most Favored Nation Trading Status."

What’s Ahead for Al Gore?

Al Gore has a long history with Occidental Petroleum, and he also owns shares of O.P reported to be worth millions of dollars. Regardless of whether oil is sold to the United States or China, Gore will be in a better position to benefit financially, and increase his power and influence.
Through China, North Korea will become an even greater threat. In the meantime before the Presidential campaigns for ’08 to begin, watch for Hillary to be painted as weak on National Defense, and Al Gore to be portrayed as more of a hawk than a dove. Also be prepared to see a number of exposés that will involve Bill and Hillary Clinton in various scandals and possible past criminal activities. This will negate Hillary as a candidate, and open the door for Gore to fulfill his dream of the presidency, and at the same time, burying his political enemies.

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